Are you sick and tired of dryness and dull skin?


Don’t stick to your same-old skincare routine! It’s time to change it up. The Original Silk Glove is here to help!

Our Original Silk Glove is here to refresh your skincare routine and leave you glowing. Made with 100% pure silk material, this is a luxe tool your beauty routine needs.

We offer both face and body gloves - whatever area you want to tackle, we’ve got a solution! Whether you use it for fake tan removal or to improve dryness, our essential beauty tool is revolutionary for all skincare fans.

But, what are the top benefits? And why do you need to exfoliate? We’ve gathered the top information you need to keep your skin glowing. Here at The Original Silk Glove, we want you to stay in the know while looking your best!

Why Do You Need To Exfoliate?

Before we jump into the top benefits of The Original Silk Glove, we’ll quickly cover why exfoliation is so important.

Many skincare lovers sing the praises of exfoliation, but have you ever stopped and wondered, “Why?” - don’t worry if you have! We’ve got the necessary details for you.

Exfoliation is the process of removing dead skin cells, leaving your skin fresh and smooth. Our skin actually regenerates new cells daily, so removing the dead layer is essential to keep your complexion glowing.

If left alone, the top layer of older skin can look dull, flaky, and dry. Build-up of old skin cells can also block your pores, resulting in acne flare-ups and poor absorption of skincare.

When you get into the habit of regular exfoliation, your skin will look younger and brighter, and it’ll feel smoother. Simply add at least one exfoliation session to your weekly routine to see results.

It’s that simple!

Top Benefits Of The Original Silk Glove Exfoliation

Our 100% pure silk gloves feel great and leave your skin looking revitalized, but what else do they do?

Here are the benefits of The Original Silk Glove for your face and body:

Reduced Strawberry Skin (Keratosis Pilaris) Evens Out Skintone/Pigmentation Reducing & Preventing Ingrown Hairs Even Fake Tan Removal Unclogged Pores & Fewer Blackheads Promotes Collagen Production & Improves Skin Elasticity Leaves Skin With A Smooth Feel These key benefits leave users worldwide with more confidence and improved complexions.

And there’s more!

Thanks to the 100% silk construction of The Original Silk Glove, it leaves your body skin smooth and even - a perfect base for reapplying fake tan. Make sure you get even and natural-looking coverage with the help of our mitt.

Frequent usage of The Original Silk Glove also improves blood circulation throughout your body. This then reduces the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and acne scarring, leaving your skin unblemished.

If you want to improve your facial skincare, our Original Silk Face Glove is here to help. Reduce any blemishes, dryness, or discoloration with frequent exfoliation. Pure silk fibers are soft on your face, creating an enjoyable experience with beautiful results.

Tackle a range of beauty issues at once with only one tool!

Why The Original Silk Glove?

Our premium gloves are designed just for you.

We’re passionate about all things beauty and skincare, so we have thoroughly tested our product to ensure it gives the best results!

Whether you want to remove fake tan or even out your skin tone, The Original Silk Glove has multiple uses that will leave you with a boost of confidence and exceptional skin.

Are you ready to improve your skincare game?